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:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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Short profile about Voluntary Health Services Diabetes Department
Dr.C.V. Krishnaswami heads the Diabetes Department of the Voluntary Health Services Hospital, Chennai, for the last 43 years. Amongst our various activities (detailed in our booklet - enclosure (1) we run a special service - the Unique Comprehensive Life time Free Medicare for children and adolescents afflicted with Insulin dependant diabetes (type 1 dm) which currently caters to around 650 children and young people, who have grown with us, got educated, qualified and many have got married and begotten healthy children. Over the past 43 years we have supported these children in every way medically, emotionally,academically and socially. The results have been hugely satisfying and rewarding, both to us and them, as you can make out from the correspondence between me and a professional colleague in the U.K (Prof.Edwin Gale) that appeared in 'The Lancet' (leading medical journal) in 2007 (enclosure - 2). Our department has made a mark in the field of Juvenile Diabetes Care & Research, Rehabilitation both nationally and Internationally.
Last year I gave a lecture (enclosure 3) to a group of visiting Danish executives from the Novo Nordisk company, Denmark, about my dream for future research in the field of Diabetes, particularly Juvenile Insulin dependant diabetes and its various systemic complications using three modalities of therapy (modern medicine, Ayurvedic approach, and Energy Medicine) to promote healing/cure. We have started a work on 40-bedded Research Unit (TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre) within our VHS campus, to undertake Credible Clinical Research and authenticate the results through technologically advanced and specially customized Electronic medical recording system that had been developed by us specifically for this purpose. The project is estimated to cost a total of Rs.Five crore. (Rs.5,00,00,000). Through our regular donors and well-wishers we have collected almost Rs.2 crores and the work of setting up the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre is in progress and hopefully ready for inanguration by the end of this year.
I would be most grateful if you could consider adequate donation to fulfil our dream to help the disadvantaged children with Juvenile diabetes and in our research efforts to find sustainable solutions to help them live a full life of high quality.
Donation cheques should be drawn in favour of "Voluntary Health Services, Chennai" and a covering note mentioning that this donation should be earmarked to the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre Project of the VHS Diabetes Department. Kindly note that all donations to us are Tax exempt under Sec 35 (i) (ii) of the I.T act (presently 120-175%).
With profound thanks and regards.
Yours sincerely
1.VHS Diabetes Department http://www.vhsdiabetes.org/
2. Lancet- correspondence http://www.pubmedinfo.com/pdf/THE LANCETCorrespondence.pdf
3. I have a Dream presentation http://www.pubmedinfo.com/pdf/dream.pdf
4. Real Issues Concerning Elder Citizen & Nano H.E + TAG VHSDRC http://www.pubmedinfo.com/pdf/RealIssues Affecting%20the%20Health.pdf
5. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Energy (PEMFE) therapy in Clinical Research - Photo of inventor Late.Dr.Glen Gordon and his wife Connie. http://www.pubmedinfo.com/pdf/Mechanism of%20EM%20Pulse.pdf
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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