:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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2011- 2014
1. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Energy - (PEMFE)
2. Volcanic Ash
3. Electrolyzed Water
4. Over Diagnosis /Over-treatment
5. Ayurveda
Our endeavor is to connect proportionately, ancient Indian Medical wisdom especially Ayurveda with Modern Medicine to optimize and enhance Human Health Expectancy. We have referred some of our cases to eminent Ayurveds in Chennai including Pandit K.S.V. Sarma and Dr.P.L.T.Girija.
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2012- 2014
1. Renal Dysfunction; CKD Unit
2. Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical therapy - (DAMM)
3. Wheat grass therapy
4. EDTA /Chelation Therapy (Page 2 of TAGLINES)
Prof B. M. Hegde is planning to start a scientific study on chelation therapy for Coronary Artery Disease as this is recently approved by American Academy of cardiology
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Result of Three Types of Energy Therapies
Mr. AK - Treatment - Video
Mr.B.R.J - Treatment - Video
Dr.S.K.R - Treatment - Video
Mr. P D- Treatment - Video
P. V. S - Treatment - Video
Mrs.PR - ID - 501
Mrs.BMA - ID - 2489
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Mrs.K.S - ID - 569
EM Pulse Solo
BM Pulser
Paida Lajin - Video
Hans Peter Duerr- Video
Latest news on research (Type I DM Cure/Remission)
TYPE I Diabetes Mellitus – Is CURE POSSIBLE / FEASIBLE ? Bringing you the latest breakthrough – Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM) THERAPY.
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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