:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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Welcome to TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre
This is a Clinical Research Centre. We do not take direct admissions (or) emergencies. All the patients who want to be seen/treated here will have to be referred by their family doctor, or any referring Doctor, and screened for eligibility to be included in our "Patient Centered Clinical Outcomes Research Project", by one of the doctors from our research team for admission and registration at this centre, and for treatment and follow-up programme.
This centre uses a unique Electronic Medical Informatics System which was developed jointly by our VHS Diabetes Department and Healthtrack Info Solutions, over the last 9 years and gifted to the TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre. This innovative and advanced I.T. Tool will be in operation in this Research Centre for transparent documentation (with built in security and privacy), honest analysis, and online global networking for facilitating patient welfare and international interaction. This system will help in preventing ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions), early alert on drug sideeffects, planning cost-effectivity in the treatments offered, and has a host of other patient-friendly features using this Electronic Interface.
Our team of dedicated doctors, specialist nurses, who are also trained in the technology infrastructure, with the help of the technical staff, will study the outcomes of Diabetes Type 1 and 2 and its various complications plus a host of other acute and chronic conditions, for which presently the treatment is both unsatisfactory and highly expensive. The different modalities of treatment that will be studied at the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre are Modern Medicine, Authentic Ayurveda, High quality Homeopathy, Ancient South Indian Siddha System, and the Exciting new field of Energy Medicine.
All those who wish to register at the TAG VHS DRC and get treated as either out-patient or In-patient should give their informed consent to cooperate with the new approach and follow-up regularly for a minimum period of two years and report to the doctors here as advised periodically, for monitoring/ documentation of their condition and progress. Also, they will be counselled and given the options of the various modalities (systems) of treatment available for the different conditions accepted for treatment at this centre.
Those who are recruited for clinical trials at the centre will be given a complete and comprehensive information of the project, methods used and the pros and cons (if any) of the system of treatment used. The voluntary and informed (signed) consent for the system to be followed, will have to be given by the patient before we can start such therapies. We also request the patients to give their consent for clinical photograph, Videography before, during and after therapy, with due care taken for protection of identity and privacy in such cases as may be required.
We acknowledge that if the patient for any reason feels uncomfortable or uneasy or reacts adversely to any of the modalities used at this centre, he/she is at full liberty to stop the treatment and inform us immediately. As we have taken meticulous care about most of the research projects and modalities of therapy used here, and screened them for approval through our high-level Ethical Committee. We do not expect any serious or life threatening adverse reactions arising from the therapies planned at this centre.
We request the patients to discuss any of their concerns with our research team of doctors and record the same before proceeding further with the therapies. The patients' well-being and health are our utmost concern and hence we are ready to go the extra mile to see that safe-drug practices are followed scrupulously at this centre. We would greatly appreciate and welcome the co-operation and inputs from the patients themselves, to improve the quality of our patient-health care system and make this an ideal symbiotic venture to improve the health of people, and treat chronic ailments by curing some, giving relief to many and supporting and counselling emotionally, always.
Thank you for your Co-operation
Dr. C. V. Krishnaswami
Chairman, TAG - VHS DRC
Hospital is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the loss or theft of your valuables/mobile Etc.
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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