:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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The safe drug therapy Protocol that we use at this Centre excludes several popular Block buster drugs like a whole range of NSAID – “Pain Killer medications” – (Cox – 2 Inhibitors), Metformin, Thiozolidineindiones (glitazones), GLP-1 receptor agonists (exenatide, liraglutide) and DPP-4 inhibitors (Inhibition of proteolytic effects of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 enzyme, called “Gliptins” - all for diabetes, Cholesterol-buster Chemical agents called “Statins”, Prophylactic use of Aspirin, 90% of the existing & popularly prescribed Anti BP medications including Betablockers (non-selective & selective ones) Calcium Channel blockers, Ace inhibitors, & ARB drugs, Amiodorone, Alpha blocker drugs all for heart conditions, and a host of other drugs under the FDA’s Red or Black Alert list.
A Prescription that looks like a Laundry List could spell doom. – beware! (Drugs that could cause renal failure in Vol.4 of TAGLINES)
In keeping with our policy of transparency, we have documented and analysed data on this on-going study. Detailed research statistics (Click for statistical analysis)
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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