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Spinning his Success-story!
Dass brought his sixth child, an 11 year old boy, to the VHS Diabetes Department. As a driver, drawing a monthly salary of Seven Hundred Rupees, he was a worried man. The boy had developed characteristic symptoms of diabetes – tiredness, excessive thirst, urination and weight loss.
Dass was shattered when he was told that his pet-son was a Juvenile Diabetic and would be an Insulin-Dependent all his life. With a large family to support on his meagre income, he was barely able to make both ends meet. How was he going to cope?
The doctor comforted him.
“Don’t worry we’ll take care of John. We’ll counsel him and teach both of you how to go about the testing and insulin injections. We’ll even provide free of cost, his monthly requirements of insulin. You needn’t bring him here every day. It can be collected once a month.”
“Thanks a lot, doctor. That’s a big burden off my shoulders.” Dass heaved a sigh of relief. Yet his eyes glistened with tears.
“He goes to school and is fairly good at studies. But, of late, he is blossoming into a wonderful cricketer. I was told he has a bright future in the game. Now with this debilitating disease, I suppose he can’t attend school or play anymore.”
The doctor laughed. “Now, who told you that he can’t study or play? He can even climb to the top of Mount Everest if he so desires, leave alone clinching the World Cup, as part of Team India!”
John had been sitting glumly, a silent spectator, while his father and the doctor discussed his future. When he heard this, his head jerked up. His eyes sprang to life and before he knew it he had blurted out his first word since morning.
The doctor walked across to the young boy and said, “Of course, John. You can practice, you can play, you can exercise and you can do anything that any other cricketer does, as long as you don’t miss your insulin shots.”
“But are you sure doctor?” The young boy asked the doctor disbelievingly. “For over six months now I have been feeling run down and tired…”
His eyes twinkling with laughter, the doctor assured John. “No fears, you’ll soon be running down the wicket faster than your partner at the other end. You’ll probably have to worry only about getting him ‘run-out’ because he can’t match your speed!”
The doctor could see that John was still not convinced.
“Look John, the onset of diabetes is a gradual process. It’s not like a ‘flu-bug’ or something that hits you overnight. Nor is it a dreaded disease like the plague. It’s a condition that can be controlled with proper management. Over the past six months, the sugar levels in your body were slowly rising due to the insufficient production of insulin. That’s why you started feeling more and more tired. Other symptoms that showed up were also a result of high sugar levels.” The doctor patiently explained.
He continued. “So, all that we need to do is to inject insulin, to maintain the sugars at optimum levels. When your sugars are normal, you are as normal as any other person. It’s as simple as that.”
At last John was convinced. The reassurance from the Doctor encouraged him to learn diabetes self-management in doublequick time. He was feeling better and was able to play the game well. He reported at the VHS Diabetes Department, collected his insulin supplies once a month and never missed his periodical check-ups.
On such visits, the doctor never failed to enquire about his progress in cricket.
“I told you, didn’t I? Your diabetic condition will never be a stumbling block in your cricketing career. Believe me, you’ll soon be playing in the big league matches.” He predicted.
He added jokingly. “By the way, I am a cricket fan, like millions of others in the country. I’m waiting for the day when I can come and cheer for you and Team India at the Chepauk Stadium!
John had successfully completed his 10th Std. He then started selling spare parts to supplement the family income.
Meanwhile, true to his doctor’s prediction, John’s cricketing career is on the upswing. He has successfully emulated his icon, former Pakistani pace-bowler and skipper, Wasim Akram, who is a self-proclaimed Insulin Dependent Diabetic. A brilliant leg spinner, he now plays for a leading league cricket team of the TNCA. Recently he made it to the sports-headlines when he won the league match for his team with a six wicket haul giving away merely four runs!
When the doctor called to congratulate him on his achievement, John proudly revealed his plans to go in for IPL selection shortly!
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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