:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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The concept of a 40-bed Diabetes and Medical Research unit incorporating, ancient medical wisdom of India, with modern electronic informatics technology specially tailored for scientific authentication, was conceptualized and presented at a meeting organised by the VHS Diabetes Department, in March 2009. There was a spontaneous and magnificent philanthropic response, to this proposal by the many friends and donors of the VHS Diabetes Department. The project and Central Committee of the VHS cleared the proposal within a few months and the Bhoomi Puja for the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre was performed in October 2009. The actual civil work began around January 2010 by CRN, the renowned architects. On completion of the civil structure, the Dhanvanthri Puja, was performed on Dec 12, 2010. In many ways this was a unique and successful effort which was due to the whole hearted support and co-operation of our many friends and Donors and the entire administration of VHS. The centre was named TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre, as per the wish of the first Patron Donor who initiated the process, and was later joined by other Patron Donors and many many more munificient donors who together made our dream of the State of the art Research Centre, come true.
The Proposed research centre will have 40 beds with infrastructure for 50% free medical service, and 10 special rooms, to cater to the different economic sections of the society. There will be a two-bed intensive care unit, only for emergencies arising out of the admitted cases. The admission to this centre will be strictly screened by the research team of the TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre.
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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