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:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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Our New Research initiative - Metaphysical Energy Medicine - using Mr.Rajan Iyer's Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM) therapy in Human Healing.
Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM)therapy
The new healing modality that being researched at the TAG VHS DRC which we have named Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical therapy (DAMM) is an expression of physical energy of healing, acquired through a rigorous personal understanding and divine gift with a tremendous background of practice done by our therapist Mr.Rajan Iyer who has combined all the arts of energy healing (resulting in his own brand) and customised metaphysical energy release into the human body through a holistic understanding and experience of all modes of healing and transfer of macrocosmic energy into the body's cell (microcosmic level - chi energy).
These concepts of energy healing are enshrined in the ancient Indian texts of Atharvaveda, which was an off-shoot of the millinea old rig veda - the ancient inscriptions are found in the various temples of north India (Gujarat & Orissa) and in the south, near Tindivanam & Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu). Scholars well-versed in Atharvanaveda Sastra are very few in the country.
The DAMM therapy a unique and novel way of infusing and transferring healing energy from the therapist to the patient. This is entirely different from the traditional Chinese or Japanese acupuncture techniques, but works with lightning speed in the body of the recipient, to set right the dysfunctional cells that cause disability (? Disease) in the various systems like the Locomotor (Joints, Tendons & muscle), Central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system, Alimentary system including Liver, gall bladder, Pancreas, Kidneys and the Genito-urinary systems, Eyes and vision, auditory/hearing/vertigo, Endocrine glands, Haematological disorders and the skin and lymphatic diseases.
Apart from these, DAMM Therapy exerts positive effects, with benefits, in modifying and improving various conditions like, mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsies, BPD etc. to a great extent especially provided they are started in the early stages of the condition. It could be planned and given in tandem with the physicians, psychiatrists and the support team of counselors and social workers.
The most remarkable observation of this DAMM therapy that has emerged from the pilot studies done so far at TAG VHS DRC, is the speed with which healing takes place for what are apparently chronic or long drawn-out disabilities which at present are treated by complex, expensive and drug-based therapies which are often replete with side-effects and are of limited success.
Metaphysical Energy is NOT Magic Or Fiction!
  KNOWLEDGE, BELIEF & FACT! - Epistemology of Metaphysical Energy
  Epistemology is knowledge stemming out of ancient wisdom, of perceived belief and verifiable facts, over many millennia, by people, virtually all over the world!
  Examples of superhuman/spiritual powers include that of the Resurrection of Christ a belief held by billions of Christians and that of Markandeya, from the Saivite lore, destined to die at the age of 14, but thwarted the march of Dharmaraja and won the battle of longevity!
  How did Vaishnavite philosopher-saint Ramanuja actually (physically) carry idols up the Tirumala hills traversing thick jungles replete with wild animals nearly a millennium ago? (Incidentally he lived till the age of 120!)
  Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM) therapy perhaps contains a very minute fraction of this metaphysical energy and is delivered through acupuncture points by an experienced & trained person, Dr.Rajan Iyer, at TAG VHS DRC. He has several years of experience, in this modality of healing, in human illnesses. Current research over the past 2 years has given us an insight into the various medical conditions where this could be used with efficacy and speed and without any drugs or interventional procedures that are conventionally used. Dr. Rajan Iyer, corrects microcellular energy imbalances through infusion of the Macrocosmic energy via the (acupuncture) needle points.
  We have documented several hundreds of cases that have responded very positively with Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical (DAMM) therapy.
The case records with complete details will be kept in our specially Customized Electronic Medical Records system for comparative, statistical analysis of outcomes, and the results of long term follow-ups of these patients.
This project is the first of its kind, one of its kind, and incorporates the various novel features mentioned above; it is patient - friendly, highly cost effective, and with virtually no side-effects.
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:: TAG-VHS Diabetes Research Centre
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