The Hindu 15th December 2016

Chairman's Note
We regret to inform our well wishers and patients that one of our founding advisor, mentor and donor of VHS Diabetes department & TAG VHS Diabetes Research center, Dr. Prema Krishnaswami wife or our chairman Dr. C.V. Krishnaswami passed away on 14th December 2016. She was a lively and proactive person in the field of social causes and silent philanthropy and was the First donor of VHS Diabetes Department. She championed several initiatives for the benefit of Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes children for whom the department has been extending comprehensive life-time free Medicare including education grants/subsidies, psychosocial help, and especially free gynecological services for the diabetic children and later complete antenatal care and delivery for all the married/pregnant Juvenile diabetics; - 22 such patients from the department have been delivered with healthy babies free of cost by Dr. Prema Krishnaswami. It is note-worthy one of them for whom she delivered 2 children, is now a grandmother 3 times over!! - surely some sort of a world record.
For the TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre Dr. Prema was on hand at every stage - conception, donations, implementation, interior decoration & furnishing and housekeeping advice etc. She was also on the advisory board as well as a senior Obg/Gyn consultant to the research centre. In the passing away of Dr. Prema Krishnaswami, we have lost a valuable pillar who shaped and brought up and established the research centre. This issue of TAG lines gives a sketch of her Bio, for the benefit of the readers by our executive editors Mrs. Priya Ravi and her daughter Ms. Avanthika.
Dr. Prema Krishnaswami was also the Founder Director of, the website on "Positive living with Clinical Diabetes", as well as the Healthtrack info solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.



We record with profound grief the untimely and sudden passing away of Justice K. Sampath retired high court judge and close friend and advisor and chairman ethics committee of TAG VHS DRC .On 07th December 2016 we extend our heartfelt condolences to Mrs. HemaSampath Senior Advocate, their sons and their family members.
We also record with profound sadness the untimely passing away of Shri. V. Rajan Iyer a gifted Meta physical healer who used the newly-termed Dynamic Acupuncture Mediated Metaphysical therapy (DAMM) in healing varied acute and chronic illnesses. It is note-worthy that he made this available not only to the affordable section but also to the large member of suffering patient free-of-cost over the three and half years that he served at the centre. The most important contribution of Shri. V. Rajan Iyer was that the DAMM therapy was the first type of healing intervention in the world which gave a real hope to Juvenile Type I Diabetics by increasing the fasting C-Peptide (Insulin) Levels in children with literally negligible or no endogenous insulin in their body. So much so, our scientific paper on this subject got immediately published in the International Journal of Diabetic Mellitus (JDM) 26th February 2016. Other papers on his work published is listed below.
Metaphysical Energy Therapy in the Treatmentof Cranial Nerve Palsies with Special Reference to Bell's Pal-sy. Journal of Biosciences and Medi-cines, 2016, 4, 77-84. ISSN Online: 2327-509XISSN Print: 2327-5081
"Lessons from Over - Diagnosis, Over - Treatment Leading to Renal Failure (Chronic Kidney Disease)" sent to JAPI, Accepted and Under Review.
We have been invited to write papers:
1. For the World Journal of Diabetes in 2017 and title has been sent. Result of three types of Energy Therapies, in the treatment of severe co-morbid conditions in Diabetics-Evaluating their future role in clinical medicine(Published from US);
2. In the Journal of Diabetes Management, Published from London);
3. In the journal International Journal of Medical and Health Re-search (Published from India)
4. In the journal of JDM on 11th October/16.(Published from US);
The author assistant of Scientific Research Publishing writes 'Your paper titled Fasting C-Peptide Response, and its Clinical Impact in Type I Diabetics to a Nov-el Metaphysical Energy Healing Therapy - Preliminary Experience and Observations has been published in Journal of Diabetes Mellitus (JDM ISSN Online: 2160-5858). It is one of the most popular papers in the journal. Please accept our enthusiastic congratulations thereon.